Special Products

  SS 300          


SS300 are baffle type separator, used for the removal of moisture from steam and compressed air pipelines.

The separator helps to eliminate downtime and costs associated with particulate damage in system ewquipment, separating the patritcle with a heavier specificy gravity, such as water and oil droplets, moisture in suspension, dirt and scale.

The SS300 separator also help produce significant improvements in suystem efficiency.

The condensate cosllected at the bottom of the separator, must be automatically drained by a suitable steam or compressed air trap.

Connsections avaible are screwed, sw or Flabnged both raised Face and RTJ upon request


Main Features

- No moving parts

- To be used in steam and compressed air systems

- Avaible in variuous materials of consytruction from carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and upon request exotic steels to suit every application.

- Sizes from 1" upto 12" - Larger sizes on reuqest

- Installation always with the condensate dishcarge pointing downwards