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Steam is widely used in both chemical and petrochimical plants. One of its most frequent utilizations is the tracing of distibuction lines to avoid freezing, and to reduce the viscosity of the fluids contained inside these lines.
Thus, in these plants, these is a large number of manifolds, located at the beginning or at the end of the lines, and used both for the steam distribution to the line tracing, and for the collection of the condensate resulting from the line tracing service.
Traditionally, these manifolds are made by pipes, whose ends are closed by welding caps, and by a large number of connections, whether they are used for steam distribution or for collection of condensate.

The fabrication of these manifolds implies:
- A large number of welding, often to be provided in dangerous areas.
- Very large dimension.
- Need of supports, specifically suited for purpose.
- Need of continuous engineering due to locations into the plants, and to utilization for steam distribution or collection of condensate.
Giving consideration to all the above, DOUGLAS ITALIA has included into its product line a FORGED MANIFOLD that:
- Minimized the required number of welds.
- Has extremely reduced dimensions.
- Does not need special support but, through threaded holes in its rear face, can be fixed onto any existing structure.
- Does not need much engineering since it is suitable both for steam distributing ( FIG. 1 ) and for condensate collection service ( FIG. 2 ). For this last utilization, the manifold is supplied, if request, with an inner stainless steel tube.