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Douglas Italia Division

Douglas Italia, a Douglas Chero S.p.A. Division, is a complete, certified manufacturer of steam traps, manifolds, strainers/filters and sight flow indicators supplying world wide into the Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Nuclear and OnShore/Offhore industries since its establishment in 1970.

Douglas Italia is one of only a few companies worldwide who is manufacturing a complete range of steam traps and consequently able to offer the best type and style suited to meet the requirements of our customers specifications and applications.

In addition to our steam trap range Douglas Italia has developed over the years an extensive range of pipeline auxilliaries specializing in the design and manufacture of Sight flow indicators, Conical, Y and Tee type Strainers, and more recently Simplex / Duplex strainers, Steam Separators and other products for special applications designed and developed within our-in-house engineering products division.

Douglas Italia is a flexible and continuously developing company. Within our engineering department part of the staff are dedicated to research and development, enabling us to improve our standard range of products and at the same time develop completely new ones to meet the every growing requests of our customers.

We hope that you will find our range of products of interest and you should require any further details or additional information concering DOUGLAS ITALIA or its products please do not hesitate to contact us, as we remain at your complete disposal.