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  EXHUAST HEADS EX            


Douglas Italia exhaust heads have been designed for the safe discharging of dry steam at reduced velocity to atmosphere protecting people from injury and plant installations from material damage. Additionally, due to the large exhaust openings noise is reduced and back pressure is not produced

Douglas Italia exhaust heads incorporate internal baffles which have been designed to ensure the efficient separation of entrained water from the steam, allowing it to then discarge through the drain connection located at the base.

Our exhaust heads are ideal for installation on condensate and blowdown vessels, boiler feed tanks, hot water storage tanks


Main Features

- Robust, resistance design but lightweight

- Highly efficient separation characteristic

- Reduces noise

- Reduces velocity

Avaible in various material of construction from carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and upon request exotic steels to suit every application

- Sizes from 2" upto 24" - Larger sizes on request